Apollo ACE Learning Platform

Do Your Employees thrive in an environment where they can learn from one another?

Apollo’s ACE platform is an innovative approach to course design, development and delivery with the goal of changing the status quo for online learning: make learning fun, engaging and effective.

Apollo ACE

  • Cloud-based instructional design and course delivery
  • Asynchronous, cohorted experience
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Support for learner, coach and reporting roles

Apollo Expertise

  • Program design
  • Coaching
  • Train the trainer
  • Technical support

Your Content or Ours

  • Content partners
  • Custom content development
  • Video production


Employees thrive in an environment where they can learn from one another.

In Apollo ACE, social learning increases the value of expert content by wrapping the instruction in the expertise and perspective of every participant in the cohort.

  • Integrate team projects to solve real business challenges
  • Enable group check ins and virtual, asynchronous collaboration
  • Incorporate discussion threads throughout the experience

Impact Meter

Gamified measure of learner interaction with course content and each other

Skill Tracker

Dynamic visual gauge of how well participants engage with and apply course skills

Quizzes & Assessments

Extensive testing capabilities

Team or Group Projects

Providing learners relevant in-context opportunities to collaborate lesson topics with coaches/instructors and peers.

Reporting and Analytics

Metrics/reporting on learner participation, engagement and lesson completion

Notes, Highlights & Takeaways

Enable learners to capture and share notes and highlights of course content such as video transcript snippets

Let’s Solve Your Most Critical Learning Challenges

Onboarding, Leadership Development, Professional Skills Training, Strategic Training Initiatives, Customer or Partner Education

Man teaching a lesson to a large group of learners

Apollo ACE is designed to help organizations solve their most critical learning challenges, including onboarding, professional skills training or strategic training initiatives such as increasing diversity or developing an innovation culture. We work with companies to help them adapt their existing instructor-led training to create an Apollo ACE learning experience, or we can leverage our existing content library or work with partners to built an Apollo ACE learning experience for almost any need.