Enterprise-Wide Innovation Competencies Drive Real Business Outcomes for Tech Giant

An Innovation Case Study

Company Snapshot: A global technology leader with over 70,000 employees and offices in over 75 countries builds a culture of disciplined change.

Challenge: Establish Innovation Competencies — and Fast

Recognizing the need for innovation that can drive real business outcomes, and given its vast network of offices and employees around the world, a leading technology company sought to build innovation competencies at every organizational level across a broad range of cultures and geographies. Due to its global footprint, the company needed one systematic and consistent approach to gaining and applying innovation skills—and needed to implement this approach quickly to increase its competitive advantage.

Solution: Establish an Enterprise-Wide Program

Faced with the need to promote cultural change across a global enterprise, Cisco’s Learning and Development team designed an internal Innovation Program to enable employees, managers, and leaders to establish and enhance their innovation skills in a consistent and integrated manner. Innovator’s Accelerator™, an action learning program delivered online, was integrated as a key component of the program to help participants cultivate their innovation potential through in-depth lessons, real-world case studies, and the practice and application of 5 critical innovation skills.

“It is a fantastic course and I’ve had an incredible experience, so hoping it will not end – Thank you for that!”

– Manager, Advanced Services, Poland

“It makes us much more aware of what innovation actually means. Every one in Engineering needs to undergo this training.”

– Operating Systems Technology, India

“The way the course is designed, it seems that slowly but gradually the importance of innovation does get ingrained into the learners. Nice course. Really enjoyed my time.”

–HR Talent Management, India

“All the case studies were excellent. After the training, I see that I am applying the associative and questioning practices a lot in my every day work. It has definitely influenced my thinking.”

— Technology Leader, Engineering Software, India

Outcome: Improved Business Results

The Innovation Program, launched in 2014, has created real business impact by empowering employees to shift their focus to creating customer value. Using Innovator’s Accelerator® as a key program component, Cisco was able to promote:

  • Innovation as a discipline: one systematic and consistent approach across organizational boundaries
  • Innovation as a skill set: the development of 5 key discovery skills
  • A collaborative team culture by breaking down functional and geographic boundaries
  • Employee empowerment: participants’ knowledge that they were catalyzing and influencing transformation within the business.
  • The company continues to put employees through the Innovation Program to strengthen both the individual competencies and the common culture of innovation needed to drive business growth.

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