Call Center Management

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Leading Effective Call Center Teams

This seminar studies selecting, motivating, and managing people in Call Centers. Topical areas focus on industry tools and practices for personnel management and the manager’s leadership responsibility. The focus is primarily on human resource issues that arise in Call Center settings, such as attracting and retaining employees, goal setting, rewards, and performance appraisals.

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Managing an Incoming Call Center

This seminar focuses on Call Center metrics, benchmarking, and call routing. Participants will learn how data is collected, interpreted, and used in their own organizations. The seminar will also present basic modeling techniques used to predict change in the Call Center.

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Mastering the Cold Call Sales Process

In this seminar, participants will analyze the cold call process and discuss a variety of different techniques that can be utilized to work with gatekeepers and to manage leads effectively. Participants will learn tactics to overcome customer objections and to show value in the product or service line.

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