Leading Effective Call Center Teams

A Call Center Mangement Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Seminar Overview

This seminar focuses on motivating, and managing people in Call Centers and driving them toward increased productivity. Participants will examine leadership, management responsibilities, and teambuilding strategies for increasing call center production.


  1. Understand a manager’s role as leaders in a call center environment
  2. Apply the goal-directed model for performance management and increased productivity
  3. Review tools and approaches for empowering and motivating employees in a call center environment

Lesson 1: Goal-Directed Thinking

  • Contextual understanding for their work (this is why we’re doing this)
  • A framework to work to (this is how we’ll operate)
  • An achievable goal (how we’ll know when we’ve got there)
  • Progress monitoring (this is how we’re doing)
  • Steering adjustments (we need to adapt our approach a little)

Lesson 2: Strong Communication – Positive Behavior/strong>

  • Collate the key discussion points and actions from the strategy meetings you attend
  • Over communicate early and often
  • Behavior breeds behavior – Lead by example
  • Elimination of overt body language

Lesson 3: Empowering Leadership Style/strong>

  • John Adair’s Action Centered Leadership
    • Task
    • Team
    • Individual

Lesson 4: Role of Team Leader

  • From team leader to performance coach
  • Creating an engaging work culture
  • Human touch on a grand scale

Lesson 5: How NOT to Lead

  • Poor little ol’ me
  • Moaners and groaners
  • Cave people
  • Mood hoovers and psychic vampires