Managing an Incoming Call Center

A Call Center Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This seminar focuses on Call Center metrics, benchmarking, and call routing. Participants will learn how data is collected, interpreted, and used in their own organizations. The seminar will also present basic modeling techniques used to predict change in the Call Center.


  1. Define and understand the components of effective presentations
  2. Using technology to enhance your presentation
  3. Utilizing visual aids/cues to increase participation
  4. Preparation and practice techniques

Lesson 1: Components of Effective Presentations

  • Rules for a solid presentation
  • Focused purpose statement
  • Outcomes are clear
  • Takeaways are aligned with participant outcomes

Lesson 2: Technology Enhancements

  • Videos utilized as an engagement tool
  • “Clicker” technology for in-presentation surveys
  • Youtube vignettes of information

Lesson 3: Engagement Practices

  • Utilizing visual aids/cues
  • Length of materials
  • Using humor as a means to engage

Lesson 4: Preparation and Practice

  • Utilizing research to support your presentation
  • Testing technology before presentation
  • Peer review of presentations