Mastering the Cold Call Sales Process

A Call Center Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

In this seminar, participants will analyze the cold call process and discuss a variety of different techniques that can be utilized to work with gatekeepers and to manage leads effectively. Participants will learn tactics to overcome customer objections and to show value in the product or service line.


  1. Identify and apply the pre-call check list
  2. Understand effective lead management
  3. Examine the steps to making a successful cold call
  4. Demonstrate how to overcome objections

Lesson 1: Pre-Call Activities

  • Create a targeted list of prospects
  • Determine the best time frames for calling
  • Prepare a sales script
  • Perfect your phone style
  • Monitor your tone of voice
  • Add urgency to your calls

Lesson 2: Cold Calling Steps

  • Appeal to the customer in under 10 seconds
  • Ask the important questions that reveal the “pain”
  • Be able to separate a “feature” from a “benefit”
  • Stay on the phone
  • Stop talking yourself out of the sale
  • Secure a meeting

Lesson 3: Effectively Managing Leads

  • Separate sales and marketing
    • Sales – Short-term focus (this month)
    • Marketing – Long-term focus (this year)
  • Classify your leads
    • Check new lead notifications
    • Classify leads by their actions
  • Follow up
  • Nurture your leads
    • Create relationships with those whom are not ready to buy
    • Be a thought leader on best practices, statistics, or new industry trends to engage potential customers

Lesson 4: Overcoming Customer Objections

  • Lack of Need
    • Focus on outcomes, not process
    • Educate yourself about the prospect’s business, industry, and competitors
    • Dig deep and probe with your questions based on the research you completed
    • Don’t go down the first rabbit-hole you see
  • Lack of Urgency
    • Rationale Impact
    • Emotional Impact
  • Lack of Trust
    • Start with research
    • Be genuine and show interest
    • Balance advocacy and inquiry
  • Lack of Money
    • Listen fully and confirm money is the issue
    • Avoid talking cost structure
    • Reduce the scope to lower the price
    • Talk to the decision maker