Effective Presentation Skills

A Career Development Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This course addresses how an effective oral presentation is developed and delivered.  Participants will gain confidence in presentation content, clarity, and communication skills (verbal and non-verbal). Techniques for audience targeting, as well as the differences between group and individual presentations are addressed. Extensive opportunities for practicing and critiquing oral presentations will be provided along with a checklist for future presentations.


  1. Learn techniques for presentation preparation
  2. Making your presentation relevant and impactful to  your audience
  3. Gain confidence and deliver clearly and effectively
  4. Understand the appropriate and most effective use of visual aids
  5. Learn audience engagement techniques and how to effectively manage question and answer sessions

Lesson 1: Developing and Organizing Presentation Content

  • Knowing Your Audience, purpose and desired outcomes
  • Understand methods to open and close with impact
  • Creating clear, concise and memorable content

Lesson 2: Practice and Preparation

  • Reduce your anxiety and overcome distracting mannerisms
  • Practice Non-verbal and verbal skills

Lesson 3: Blending PowerPoint with Facilitation

  • Review what tools to use when
  • Understand the learning environment
  • Use of visual aids

Lesson 4: Audience Involvement Techniques

  • Explore ways to engage and involve your audience
  • Apply techniques for managing question and answer sessions