Effective Resume Development

A Career Development Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

A high-performing resume that addresses employer needs while showcasing valuable skill sets is a critical marketing tool for every professional. Discover how to identify transferrable skills, choose between a chronological versus a functional design, and capitalize on written communication and social networking strategies. In addition to giving and receiving peer and instructor feedback, participants leave the seminar with an effective resume outline.


  1. Utilize job boards, social media, and industry websites to develop your resume
  2. Compile list of achievements and organizational impact statements
  3. Learn how to utilize your “insider-status” to research your organization
  4. Identify how to differentiate yourself as an internal candidate

Lesson 1: Pre-Resume Checklist

  • How to research job descriptions from similar organizations to build your resume
    • Add verbiage from examples to your resume
  • Ask colleagues about your strengths
  • Ask the hiring manager what skill sets they are identifying as important
  • Collaborate with an outside resume development group

Lesson 2: Creating Your Personal Brand

  • Align resume title with desired title/position
  • Reflect skills directly related to title/position
  • Identify four strong skill statements that quantify your strengths
  • Create “personal brand” in one paragraph (elevator speech)

Lesson 3: Selected Accomplishments

  • Describe selected accomplishments
    • Specify what (increase in outcomes/decrease in costs) you accomplished
    • Utilize dollars, percentages, and timelines to represent the increase/decrease
    • Include position and organization in each accomplishment (2 sentences max)
  • Cite only impactful accomplishment examples
  • Show a “team” focus and that you are not the only one responsible for results

Lesson 4: Differentiating Yourself as an Internal Candidate

  • Utilize your “insider” knowledge of the organization (vision, mission, values, and future plans) to align your strengths
  • Present yourself at the level you want to be hired
    • Utilize terminology that reflects the level you desire
    • Identify accomplishments which align with the hiring manager’s specified skill set
    • Utilize current industry research to drive your candidacy
  • Highlight your work outside the organization
    • Cite supervisory, team-building, and fiscal responsibilities