Generational Diversity Management

A Diversity Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Discussions of workplace diversity usually focus on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Another slice of diversity is generational diversity. In any large organization, there are bound to be divisions, units, or work teams where at least four distinct generations are working side by side. This seminar examines important differences between these generations in the way they approach work, work/life balance, employee loyalty, and authority. The seminar also includes strategies for leading and coaching a multi-generational workforce.


  1. Describe the characteristics of multiple generations and apply “universally appealing” communication styles
  2. Discuss work assignments using SMART goals
  3. Recognize unique learning and development needs
  4. Provide meaningful recognition
  5. Use coaching strategies to strengthen multi-generational performance

Lesson 1: Characteristics and Communication Styles

  • Explore generational characteristics
  • Communicate among the generations
  • Understand Communication Preferences
  • Adapt your style and commit

Lesson 2: Managing Performance

  • Explore generational work styles
  • Understand performance expectations as they apply to each generation
  • Utilize SMART goals
  • Provide strategies for accountability

Lesson 3: Learning and Development

  • Understand generational learning and development preferences
  • Learn how to guide learning and development through generational differences

Lesson 4: Recognition and Rewards

  • Explore guidelines for recognition and rewards
  • Understand generational preferences as it relates recognition and rewards

Lesson 5: Feedback and Coaching

  • Apply feedback and coaching strategies for managers
  • Create a generational diversity management action plan