Managing Diverse Teams

A Diversity Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Effective teams help organizations accomplish important tasks. Every manager wants to be in charge of a high performance work team—a team that not only knows how to do the assigned task, but also does it with creativity and enthusiasm. Such a team offers the opportunity for synergy—the creation of a whole that is greater than its parts. When synergy occurs, a team accomplishes more than the total of its members’ individual capabilities. Effective teams also satisfy the needs of its members. Members believe their participation matters and they are satisfied with their tasks, accomplishments, and interpersonal relationships. This seminar provides techniques to effectively manage and lead mixed groups of people in today’s diverse workforce.


  1. Learn methods for forming diverse teams
  2. Identify benefits of diverse teams
  3. Identify diversity challenges within teams
  4. Understand communication barriers in teams
  5. Apply techniques for managing diverse teams

Lesson 1: Forming diverse teams

  • Integration of team members
  • Identify complementary skills of group members
  • Understand phases of forming teams

Lesson 2: Benefits of diverse teams

  • Group member contribution
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Heterogeneous teams -perspectives and differences

Lesson 3: Diversity issues within teams

  • Stereotypes within groups
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Communication strategies

Lesson 4: Communication barriers

  • Define differences in communication styles
  • Cultural differences (racial, ethnic, gender, generational)

Lesson 5: Apply techniques for managing diverse teams

  • Share values and loyalty
  • Promote shared team vision and identity
  • Manage conflict
  • Coach and encourage