Foundational Business Skills

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs


This seminar is the explanation of the DISC results from the DISC Assessment and the development of insight into the personal preferences one has about their perceptions and the way they react to the activities at work and in personal life. The seminar uses this understanding of these perceptions in the basic communicational skills with others of like and differing methods of perception (Additional fee for assessments per participant).

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Making Effective Decisions

Learn techniques for making effective decisions, including idea generation and decision evaluation. By exploring the fundamentals of creative and critical thinking, participants practice making good decisions using case studies and example scenarios.

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Managing Stress and Emotions

Live in a personal forest of high emotions and stress? Each tree represents small to significant stressors and associated emotional responses. Oftentimes, participants do not realize their forest maintenance responsibilities until it is too late. Heavy, diseased laden trees come crashing down on their personal and work lives. This course helps participants manage their root-trunk, branches, leaves, and fruits of their high emotions and stress forest in a tree-like, changeable framework. Ensuring participants, over time, attain a healthier stress management and emotional responses in their personal and professional lives.

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Personal Productivity

Smart personal planning can accelerate productivity. Participants explore useful tools for goal-setting, prioritizing, and follow-through that tie productivity outcomes to effective planning.

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Time Management

This seminar provides a practical, hands-on learning experience in using time effectively to accomplish goals. Participants will identify effective time management strategies, including defining personal and professional goals, establishing priorities, and identifying the tasks that will be critical to achieving those goals. Learned tools will be practiced and applied to current projects and tasks as you build your own personal time management action plan.

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