Managing Stress and Emotions

A Foundational Business Skills Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Live in a personal forest of high emotions and stress? Each tree represents small to significant stressors and associated emotional responses. Oftentimes, participants do not realize their forest maintenance responsibilities until it is too late. Heavy, diseased laden trees come crashing down on their personal and work lives. This course helps participants manage their root, trunk, branches, leaves, and fruits of their high emotions and stress forest in a tree-like, changeable framework. Ensuring participants, over time, attain a healthier stress management and emotional responses in their personal and professional lives.


  1. Learn stress reduction techniques
  2. Identify negative outcomes of not managing stress
  3. Review tips for a healthier lifestyle
  4. Recognize negative emotional behaviors

Lesson 1: Healthy Tips for Managing Stress

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

Lesson 2: Utilizing Social Support Systems

  • Personal social circles
  • Work-related support systems
  • Social media professional associations

Lesson 3: Identifying Negative Emotional Behaviors

  • Self-Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Know your emotions and what causes them

Lesson 4: Managing Your Emotions

  • Develop alternative responses to emotional situations
  • Change your perspective from negative to positive
  • Avoid negative thoughts by encouraging positive self-talk