Human Capital

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Conducting Effective Interviews

This seminar will focus on creating and conducting highly effective interviews that solicit detailed answers to key questions. Participants will examine the psychology of interview questions and determine the behaviors of a high-impact interview. In addition, this seminar will enable participants to streamline the assessment process by matching testing methods with job and legal requirements. Participants will also review the legalities of workplace testing and identify jobs that could require testing.

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Creating Marketing Strategies to Improve Recruiting Efforts

In this seminar, participants examine strategies for recruiting based on industry, culture, and strategic vision. The current organizational recruiting culture will be assessed to determine the fit with future direction. Participants will also assess core organizational competencies and the effectiveness of the current performance management process. In addition, this seminar will train participants on how to effectively market the organization to a global or local community through concise sourcing strategies.

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Human Relations and Organizational Behavior

Develop enhanced management skills in this overview of human relations theory and practice. Diverse perspectives on individual, group, and organizational performance is examined, as participants discuss individual motivation and performance, leadership and power, team design and structure, conflict resolution, and change management.

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Human Resources Management

A variety of personnel factors affects the success of organizations. By exploring best practices for HR management, participants acquire progressive techniques to effectively coach, counsel, and communicate expectations to employees to improve performance and avoid costly lawsuits.

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Retaining Top Talent

This seminar introduces the participants to the importance of employee retention. Participants will examine the ten key principles of retention and review costs associated with retention and turnover. Participants will also evaluate the organization’s application of the retention principles and create a plan to enhance retention behaviors.

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