Retaining Top Talent

A Human Capital Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This seminar introduces the participants to the importance of employee retention. Participants will examine the ten key principles of retention and review costs associated with retention and turnover. Participants will also evaluate the organization’s application of the retention principles and create a plan to enhance retention behaviors.


  1. Practice the Ten Key Principles of Employee Retention
  2. Improve pre-hiring procedures
  3. Gain a stronger understanding on how to retain Millennials
  4. Creating a plan for retaining talent

Lesson 1: Ten Key Principles of Employee Retention

  • Clearly define responsibilities
  • Properly train supervisors, administrators, and managers
  • Map out career plans
  • Ask employees for feedback
  • Provide fair and competitive salaries
  • Have an effective orientation program
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate
  • Create learning opportunities
  • Don’t forget the benefits
  • Make sure your employees know they are valued

Lesson 2: Hiring the Right Talent

  • Utilize behavioral assessments pre-hire
  • Create a positional profile
  • Understand “cultural fit”
  • Leverage employees to build a talent pipeline

Lesson 3: Millennial Retention

  • Fully leverage technology
  • Adopt Smart devices-friendly policies because mobility is important
  • Create work environments that are more engaging/meaningful with flexible work hours
  • Increase transparency around compensation, rewards and career decisions
  • Build a sense of community
  • Don’t discount the impact that Millennials may have on your organization

Lesson 4: Creating a Plan for Retention

  • Assemble an employee feedback group
  • Create “Brand Ambassadors” within the organizations
  • The power of social media to build a hiring destination
  • Improving individual development programs