Creating a Culture of Innovation

Building an Innovation-Capable Organization

A business culture of innovation can create a more efficient and effective workplace, empower and engage employees, make your business more agile, increase customer satisfaction, and most of all improve business returns. Innovation as a culture encourages diversity and can increase your competitive advantage.

Innovation training is as essential and imperative as other internal business practices, like technical or leadership training. Innovation as a working approach can be integrated within a corporate culture by developing an innovation strategy, a framework that cultivates creative thinking and a problem solving among employees company-wide.

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Innovation Courses

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

The best predictor of a company’s ability to innovate is its corporate culture, according to research on 759 companies in 17 major markets. Still, many organizations consider innovation strategy to be an “extra”. The new model of business understands that innovation as a culture is what keeps a company progressive. And the good news is that businesses can become more innovative by employing simple tactics that foster innovation company-wide.

Identifying Potential Rapid Process Innovation Projects

3-5 Day Rapid Improvement Events (RIE) are also know as Kaizen Events. They apply a variety of unique process analysis tools. RIEs have been proven to be highly successful in reducing process lead times between 25-75% when such events are led by a capable and experienced RIE facilitator. RIE activities can create very high ROI returns for organizations if the RIE projects are chosen wisely. This seminar will show participants the techniques used to identify and prioritize potential Rapid Improvement Event projects and how to make RIE facilitators successful.

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Innovator’s Accelerator

Innovator’s Accelerator is a comprehensive innovation training program featuring video lectures and real-world case studies to give your employees valuable inside information on how trailblazing organizations have leveraged innovative thinking to drive success. Built on decades of research by the the preeminent authorities on innovation, Clayton Christensen, Jeff Dyer, and Hal Gregersen, Innovator’s Accelerator helps highly motivated professionals develop techniques that spark transformation and turn emerging leaders into innovators.

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Introduction to Innovation on Demand

We used to think the ability to innovate was resigned to those special creative few with a special talent to envision the future. However, we now know the ability to innovate can be taught. This unique suite of Innovation On-Demand techniques is a repeatable knowledge-based methodology for innovative creation and problem solving. It can be applied to any type of process, system or product. The extensive knowledgebase of innovative concepts were gleaned from the study of millions of international patents over a 60 year timeframe. This seminar provides an overview of Innovation On-Demand techniques and facilitates discussions of how these techniques can benefit your organization.

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Management of Innovation

Managing innovation within a company or organization is difficult. Yet, with success in today’s globalized market ever more dependent on the ability to innovate, managing innovation and incorporating it into corporate governance structures is critical. There are many kinds of innovation and several levels to the scope of an innovation. One must organize a company’s innovation and management efforts accordingly. Many styles of innovation management and governance have been developed over the past six decades. This seminar provides an executive overview of the field, current best practices and future trends in innovation management. The new and rapidly evolving field of innovation assurance is also discussed.

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Scoring an Innovation’s Value with the BACUP Model

The pursuits of Innovation are risky and the journey is filled with uncertainty. It is too often unclear which new ideas will be failures and which ones will be the next disruptive innovations. Maximizing the likelihood of an innovation’s success is called innovation assurance. Critical to innovation assurance is the understanding that innovations do not exist in isolation. Every innovation is surrounded by socioeconomic, market, and business forces challenging the innovation’s success. This is called the Innovation ecosystem. This seminar presents an executive overview of the BACUP Tool, to assess the viability of an innovation in its ecosystem and score the innovation on its potential for becoming a disruptive innovation.

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