Innovation Management Course

An Innovation Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Managing innovation within a company or organization is difficult. Yet, with success in today’s globalized market ever more dependent on the ability to innovate, managing innovation and incorporating it into corporate governance structures is critical. There are many kinds of innovation and several levels to the scope of an innovation. One must organize a company’s innovation and management efforts accordingly. Many styles of innovation management and governance have been developed over the past six decades. This seminar provides an executive overview of the field, current best practices and future trends in innovation management. The new and rapidly evolving field of innovation assurance is also discussed.


  1. Learn the economic Impact and Value of Intellectual Property and Innovation
  2. Identify different types of innovation
  3. Recognize different innovation management and innovation governance structures
  4. Learn current best practices in innovation management and assurance

Lesson 1: Value of Intellectual Property

  • Trends in the number of patents
  • The impact of IP on the GDP of the USA
  • The $1.5 trillion opportunity
  • Patent litigation and win-rate data

Lesson 2: What is Innovation?

  • Definitions of Innovation
  • Kinds of Innovation
  • The Five Levels of Invention
  • S-Curve analysis of innovation adoption

Lesson 3: Innovation Creation

  • History of Innovation Models
  • Open Innovation and Agile Innovation
  • I-TRIZ Inventive Problem Solving
  • I-TRIZ AFD & Directed Evolution

Lesson 4: Innovation Governance and Assurance

  • Responsibilities of Innovation Governance
  • Innovation Assurance
  • Case Studies: Xerox, Interval, Proctor & Gamble
  • Case Study: Crowdsourcing