Scoring an Innovation with the BACUP Model

An Innovation Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

The pursuits of Innovation are risky and the journey is filled with uncertainty. It is too often unclear which new ideas will be failures and which ones will be the next disruptive innovations. Maximizing the likelihood of an innovation’s success is called innovation assurance. Critical to innovation assurance is the understanding that innovations do not exist in isolation. Every innovation is surrounded by socioeconomic, market, and business forces challenging the innovation’s success. This is called the Innovation ecosystem. This seminar presents an executive overview of the BACUP Tool, to assess the viability of an innovation in its ecosystem and score the innovation on its potential for becoming a disruptive innovation.


  1. Understand an innovation’s ecosystem
  2. Innovation Assurance – Maximizing an innovation’s chances of success
  3. Applications for the BACUP Innovation Scoring Model.
  4. Understand bottom-line impact of incorporating BACUP analysis into corporate management

Lesson 1: Innovation Ecosystems

  • What is an innovation ecosystem
  • Elements and forces within the ecosystem
  • The Carpenter Survey – views of Innovation

Lesson 2: Innovation Assurance

  • The goal of innovation assurance
  • What happens in the absence of innovation assurance
  • The need for a multi-disciplinary metric in innovation tools.

Lesson 3: The BACUP Innovation Scoring Model

  • The BACUP Model Hypothesis
  • The Five Dimensions of the BACUP Innovation Scoring Model
  • Interpreting the BACUP Radar Plot
  • BACUP application examples

Lesson 4: BACUP Bottom-Line Impact

  • Risk and Uncertainty Mitigation
  • Innovation Management & Governance
  • Innovation Assurance
  • Innovation Science/Theory