Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Communicating and Implementing Change

This seminar addresses how organizations can effectively implement change. Topics include the definition of constructive change, how segments of an organization frequently handle constructive change, communication of change, and how a manager can be an effective leader for change.

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Conducting Effective Meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting and felt like it was a waste of your time? Have you ever conducted a meeting and run out of time before you got to your main purpose? These are common occurrences in today’s busy workplace. Your time is valuable and so is your coworkers’ time. This seminar examines how to lead more effective meetings. Key components of this workshop include various techniques to improve time management and communication, effective agenda creation, and successful meeting follow-up.

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Developing Effective Leadership Style

Intelligent leadership is more necessary than ever in today’s world of rapid change, intense competition, and rising performance expectations. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership approaches and learn the most competitive strategies for achieving desired corporate objectives.

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Effective Delegation

Managers who want to be successful must be competitive and work hard to achieve their goals. Delegation is a tool managers can use in this quest for success. By learning to identify appropriate tasks for delegation, communicate expectations, and emphasize follow-through, participants understand how to delegate successfully. This course offers resources, tools, ideas, and a systematic approach to effectively apply delegation.

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Effective Strategies for Employee Motivation

Participants learn how to enhance employee performance, improve productivity, communicate expectations and manage employee buy-in by reviewing key elements of high-level leadership and guidance. Learn how to motivate employees to higher levels of satisfaction in this analysis of employee learning, communication, and performance styles.

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Leading Dynamic Teams

Dynamic teams create dynamic results. Examine the dimensions of team communication in this overview of building high-value teams. After identifying ideal team characteristics, participants learn appropriate methods to measure productivity.

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Operations Management

This course examines the management of internal capacity as it applies to all organizations. It examines the principles and techniques for analyzing and managing operations processes. It also addresses how all operations components fit together and how to identify and resolve the right problem.

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Successful Mentoring and Coaching

Plant the seeds of new success stories. In this overview of mentoring and coaching skills, participants learn how to enhance the professional growth of others.

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Workplace Ethics

This seminar provides opportunities for the analysis and synthesis of the role of ethics in the organization. Emphasis is placed on the way ethics affect thinking, relationship development, policy formation, and professional conduct in the workplace. Participants develop the skills to understand and integrate constructive ethics into practices that support the success of the employee and the organization.

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Frontline Leader Impact

Frontline Leader Impact, an 18 hour online leadership experience developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and Apollo Education Group. Frontline Leader Impact brings together CCL’s world-class, research-driven content and experienced faculty with Apollo Education Group’s award-winning online learning platform to deliver a leadership development experience that has been completely re-imagined to serve organizations developing their frontline managers.

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