Communicating and Implementing Change

A Leadership Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This course addresses how organizations can effectively implement change. Topics include the definition of constructive change, how segments of an organization frequently handle constructive change, communication of change, and how a manager can be an effective leader for change.


  1. Describe stages and responses to organizational change
  2. Apply a communication approach to change
  3. Implement a strategy to lead your team through change

Lesson 1: Responses to change process

  • Define constructive change
  • Identify 4 responses to change
  • Loss and resilience during change
  • Managing the change cycle

Lesson 2: Communicating Change

  • Demonstrating empathy, communication, and participation
  • Identify communication variables
  • Put principles into practice

Lesson 3: Implement a change strategy

  • Leading a planned change – 5 phases
  • Managing continuous change
  • Create your personal action plan