Conducting Effective Meetings

A Leadership Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Have you ever attended a meeting and felt like it was a waste of your time? Have you ever conducted a meeting and run out of time before you got to your main purpose? These are common occurrences in today’s busy workplace. Your time is valuable and so is your coworkers’. This seminar examines how to lead more effective meetings. Key components of this workshop include various techniques to improve time management and communication, effective agenda creation, and successful meeting follow-up.


  1. Generate strategies for conducting effective meetings
  2. Demonstrate planning and organization prior and during the meeting
  3. Improve communication skills during meetings

Lesson 1: Strategies to effective meetings

  • Identify elements of an effective meeting agenda
  • Utilize time management strategies to improve meetings
  • Set expectations and deliverables to meetings
  • Clarify roles

Lesson 2: Planning and organization

  • Designate meeting leader/facilitator
  • Identify purpose and attendees
  • Establish meeting goals
  • Determine timing needed to accomplish goals
  • Establish evaluation procedure and notes

Lesson 3: Communication

  • Identify Non-verbal communication behaviors
  • Practice effective listening skills
  • Build awareness of group dynamics
  • Adapting to virtual meetings versus face to face
  • Communicate follow-up and action items