Developing Effective Leadership Style

A Leadership Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Intelligent leadership is necessary more than ever in today’s world of rapid change, intense competition, and rising performance expectations. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership approaches and learn the most competitive strategies for achieving desired corporate objectives.


  1. Describe the roles of leadership and how they affect the working environment
  2. Explain theories and styles of leadership
  3. Review strategic leadership

Lesson 1: Roles of Leadership

  • Identify skills of effective leaders
  • Identify functions of management
  • Effective performance management

Lesson 2: Science and Theory

  • Review Trait and Behavioral theories
  • Understand Situational Leadership Theory
  • Define styles of Situational Leadership
  • Identify additional theories of leadership

Lesson 3: Strategic leadership

  • Examine organizational structure
  • Identify organizational culture
  • Review leadership assessments