Leading Dynamic Teams

A Leadership Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This seminar focuses on tools and resources for supervisors implement to effectively lead dynamic teams. Participants will examine the dimensions of team communication in this overview of building high-value teams. After identifying ideal team characteristics, participants learn appropriate methods to measure productivity.


  1. Understand the advantages of creating dynamic teams
  2. Identify team communication techniques
  3. Learn how to build a team of diverse talents and characteristics
  4. Identify characteristics of dynamic teams

Lesson 1: Dynamic Teams vs Standard Work Teams

  • Homogeneity leads to “Groupthink”
  • Lead individual contributors
  • Team dynamics in a loosely-coupled environment

Lesson 2: Effective Team Communication Techniques

  • Short, focused meetings
  • Brainstorm with no formal leadership position
  • Defer judgment
  • Build on the ideas of others

Lesson 3: Building Dynamic Teams

  • Include those outside of the discipline
  • Innovation Wizards – drivers of new thinking
  • Change Soldiers who can bring along naysayers
  • Implementers who can ensure that the vision is implementable

Lesson 4: Characteristics of Dynamic Teams

  • Free thinking
  • Lack of formal structure
  • Everyone has decision-making power
  • Disband quickly to form a new team