Project Management

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Managing Projects – Foundations

Learn the basics of project management in this overview of the nature of projects, the language of project management, and the role of the Project Manager.

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Managing Projects – Advanced

Skillful project management is built on a thorough understanding of the project life cycle. Explore stakeholder identification, project processes, initiation, and planning in this study of vital project management components.

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Project Risk Management

Discover the latest risk management techniques, such as systematic processes for identifying, analyzing, and responding to risk. Through quantitative and qualitative methods, participants learn how to assess risk in a business scenario and make recommendations for risk planning, monitoring, control activities, and contingency plans.

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Project Scheduling and Budgeting

Master the tools, techniques, and theories that bring in projects on time and on budget. After learning practical skills in cost estimation, activity scheduling, budgeting and expenditure tracking, participants put their knowledge to the test by analyzing projects based upon time, resource, and cost constraints. The seminar also examines techniques for proactively forecasting costs to control planned expenditures.

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