Managing Projects - Advanced

A Project Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Skillful project management is built on a thorough understanding of the project life cycle. Explore stakeholder identification, project evaluation processes, initiation, and planning in this study of vital project management components. Tools such as earned value management and risk mitigation will be addressed.


  1. Learn how to evaluate projects
  2. Understand what factors to use when evaluating projects
  3. Review how to adjust a project strategy and make informed decisions based upon project performance
  4. Define and understand Earned Value Management
  5. Determine how risk management impacts project management

Lesson 1: Project Life Cycle

  • Initiate
  • Plan and Design
  • Execute
  • Monitor and Control
  • Close

Lesson 2: How to Evaluate Projects

  • What criteria should be considered when selecting projects?
  • What factors should be used to evaluate projects?
  • Selection models for prioritization of projects
  • Utilize appraisal techniques to improve project prioritization
  • Maintain a high return on investment by prioritizing projects

Lesson 3: Earned Value Management

  • What is Earned Value Analysis and why use it?
  • Define EVM performance measures
  • Establish a performance measurement baseline
  • Forecast the results of a project using earned value

Lesson 4: How Risk Management Impacts Project Management

  • Understand how risk can affect the outcome of a project
  • Steps to identifying risk involved in the project
  • Determine the probability of the risk’s occurring
  • Once the risks are identified, determine the impact of each one on the project
  • The risks are prioritized—what do we do next? (Quantifying the risk)