Managing Projects - Foundations

A Project Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Learn the basics of project management in this overview of the nature of projects, the language of project management, and the role of the project manager. In this seminar, the successful project manager will learn the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope and how each must be managed effectively.


  1. Define and understand the components of effective project management
  2. Understand how to simultaneously manage all four components
  3. Identify the role of a project manager
  4. Apply the project management life cycle

Lesson 1: 4 Components of Project Management

  • Resources
    • People
    • Equipment
    • Materials
  • Time
    • Managing the timeline
    • Developing the critical path
  • Money
    • Staying within the budget
  • Scope
    • Scope Creep

Lesson 2: Role of Project Manager

  • Selection of projects
    • Criteria
  • Manage the project scope
    • Preventing scope creep
  • Facilitate vs managing the process

Lesson 3: Project Management Lifecycle

  • Initiate
  • Plan and Design
  • Execute
  • Monitor and Control
  • Close

Lesson 4: Managing the 4 Components

  • Leverage resources
  • Create effective project teams
  • Adjust mid-project