Project Scheduling and Budgeting

A Project Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

Master the tools, techniques, and theories that bring in projects on time and on budget. After learning practical skills in cost estimation, activity scheduling, budgeting and expenditure tracking, participants put their knowledge to the test by analyzing projects based upon time, resource, and cost constraints. The seminar also examines techniques for proactively forecasting costs to control planned expenditures.


  1. Identify the role and responsibilities of the project manager and project team. Know the components of a project schedule.
  2. Explain the resource needs of the project and develop a cost baseline and what is required in a Work Breakdown Structure.
  3. Identify project stakeholders and determine their information needs.
  4. Define the key elements needed to measure and report on project scope, schedule, and cost performance.

Lesson 1: Project Manager Role

  • Responsible for ensuring that the Project Team completes the project
  • Develops the Project Plan with the team and manages the team’s performance of project tasks
  • Secure acceptance and approval of deliverables from the Project Sponsor and Stakeholders
  • Communication, including status reporting, risk management, escalation of issues that cannot be resolved in the team
  • Making sure the project is delivered in budget, on schedule, and within scope.

Lesson 2: Component of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Determine the major deliverables
  • Divide each of these major deliverables into its component deliverables
  • Divide each of these work pieces into its component parts

Lesson 3: Determining Stakeholder Informational Needs

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Prioritize stakeholders
  • Conduct a stakeholder needs analysis
    • Client’s needs reviewed
    • Constraints identified
    • Needs measured for realistic approach
    • Gain approval in writing from key stakeholders

Lesson 4: Key Metrics for Measuring Project Success

  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Scope