Sales Management

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Building High Performing Sales Team

This seminar focuses on the activities required to maintain the necessary sales force to achieve sales goals. Sales performance predictors will be identified in order to establish the criteria for staffing the operation with high performance salespeople. Participants will also develop a termination checklist to ensure compliance with the organization’s policies on recruiting, hiring, and terminating employees.

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Integrating Marketing Communication

This seminar prepares students to apply integrated marketing communications as part of a strategic marketing plan. Students evaluate how marketing communication tools build brand value. Topics include advertising, promotions, public relations, sales, and direct marketing.

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Negotiating a Win-Win

This seminar presents a hands-on exploration of time, information, power, and forces of influence as they affect positive win-win results through creative problem solving processes. Participants will additionally learn to view negotiation not as a competition, but as a problem solving opportunity. Finally, participants will ultimately learn how to develop multiple options to achieve their desired objectives while simultaneously satisfying the other party’s interests.

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Transitioning to Sales Management

This seminar will help participants who are new sales managers more effectively manage a sales team. The skills needed in this new role will be discussed and the “language” of sales and sales management will be reviewed.

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