Negotiating a Win-Win

A Sales Management Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

This seminar presents a hands-on exploration of time, information, power, and forces of influence as they affect positive win-win results through creative problem solving processes. Participants will additionally learn to view negotiation not as a competition, but as a problem solving opportunity. Finally, participants will ultimately learn how to develop multiple options to achieve their desired objectives while simultaneously satisfying the other party’s interests.


  1. Understand the 5 styles of negotiations
  2. Identify “facilitative” behaviors vs. “problem solving” behaviors
  3. Apply techniques for understanding your counterpart
  4. Know how to Win with concessions

Lesson 1: 5 Styles of Negotiating


  • I Win – You Lose


  • I Lose – You Win


  • I Lose – You Lose


  • I Win – You Win


  • I Win Some – You Win Some
  • I Lose Some – You Lose Some

Lesson 2: Problem Facilitation vs Problem Solving

  • Empower others to create Win-Win situations
  • Facilitation – Removing bias from negotiations

Lesson 3: Knowing Your Counterpart

  • Complete your due diligence on your counterpart
  • Allow others to share in the Win scenario
  • Win utilizing concessions
  • Know your middle ground

Lesson 4: Building a Reputation as a Fair Negotiator

  • Practice transparency in negotiations
  • Demonstrate empathy for others
  • Emote humbleness with the outcome