Strategic Planning

Each of these courses can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Effective Business Strategy

Effective business strategy begins with the right tools. Learn managerial principles for strategic formulation (including internal and external analysis), a process for making strategic choices, and steps for implementation in this overview of the different strategy types.

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Operationalize Business Strategies

Learn how to operationalize business strategies and formulate processes in this seminar on strategy recognition. By connecting strategy to operational practice, participants understand how to manifest the vision of the business through tangible action.

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Strategic Agility in Times of Change

This seminar examines organizational leadership in the context of managing continuous change, innovation, and adaptation. Topics include models of strategic leadership and change management, theories of leadership and change management, and behavior of individuals and teams in organizations. Participants will focus on developing their ability to be more agile and strategic – within an environment of constant change. As participants discuss the challenges of maintaining an agile approach, they will focus on practical tools to support their leadership agility.

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