Strategic Agility in Times of Change

A Strategic Planning Course

*This course can be tailored or customized to your specific needs.

Course Overview

In this seminar, participants will recognize the key elements of a business strategy. Participants will focus on developing their ability to be more agile and strategic – anticipate future trends, consequences and remain competitive. As participants discuss the challenges of maintaining an agile approach, they will focus on practical tools to support an operational plan that implements strategy and reflects the organizational vision.


  1. Understand strategic agility and the value it brings to an organization
  2. Identify steps involved in reviewing the processes in a business strategy to determine improvements
  3. Apply use of resources to obtain competitive advantage
  4. Create a strategic plan that reflects the vision of the business

Lesson 1: Value of strategic agility

  • Identify steps in forming a strategy
  • Determine external tools for environmental analysis
  • Determine tools for internal analysis

Lesson 2: Creating a business strategy

  • Understand product and service evolution
  • Seek strategic options to mitigate risks
  • Create strategic direction

Lesson 3: Resources to obtain competitive advantage

  • Demonstrate use of research tools
  • Determine customer needs
  • Identify industry trends and competitors

Lesson 4: Characteristics of a strategic plan

  • Design the portfolio for a strategy (growth, profitability, synergy)
  • Create the portfolio (investments, new markets, alliances)
  • Implement the strategy (tactics, alignment, culture)
  • Determine critical success factors