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When Blackbaud released a new software platform to offer clients a clean and consistent user experience, the success of the platform grew faster than expected. To keep up with demand and maintain the platform, the company discovered an urgent need to upskill experienced developers quickly. Blackbaud turned to The Iron Yard for help. As a result of The Iron Yard’s solutions, Blackbaud’s developer team is better equipped to help the company respond to evolving customer expectations and expand its competitiveness and relevance in the market.


Blackbaud — a leading provider of software and services for the global philanthropic community — created SKY UX™ to provide its clients with an integrated user experience across its software products. As the popularity of SKY UX™ increased rapidly, Blackbaud developers needed more advanced skilled to write and maintain code for the framework, based on the AngularJS and Bootstrap technologies.

Blackbaud was searching for a tailored, face-to-face training experience taught by instructors with industry knowledge who could implement specialized curriculum and equip Blackbaud developers with new programming skills to be more effective within SKY UX™.

iron yard student sin their intensive course

Having the instructors and developers in the room together makes the learning feedback loop instantaneous. Plus, the instructors are able to facilitate broader discussions about business logic and application architecture.

– Bobby Earl, Senior Software Engineer, Blackbaud


The Iron Yard designed and delivered specialized training in an immersive, instructor-led format for Blackbaud developers. The format engaged developer teams across multiple corporate campuses in an intensive, hands-on learning experience designed for company-specific software architecture and coding standards and for the tools that support SKY UX™, particularly AngularJS and Bootstrap. Drawing on extensive industry experience and deep software engineering expertise, instructors challenged learners to be independently resourceful while thinking broadly about creating solutions.


The Iron Yard’s immersive, intensive format continues to accelerate Blackbaud’s upskilling process, preparing the company’s developers to address emerging work requirements and decreasing their time to advanced proficiency. Now Blackbaud developers can contribute greater value in responding to evolving customer expectations and requests.

Today, a growing number of Blackbaud teams are integrating SKY UX™ into their projects. They use GitHub to make contributions to the continued development and improvement of the open source framework, ultimately benefitting Blackbaud’s customers with a richer experience of SKY UX™. Blackbaud is now better positioned to meet customer needs, improve competitiveness and strengthen its relevance in the market.


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